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PrintHealthy Blood::Keep A litre of water in the fridge with 3 whole lemons cut into pieces. Leave for three days. Drink one glass daily to keep blood viscosity even and viruses at bay.

Sooooo you are feeling a bit blah…tired, sluggish and *sniff* is that me?  and ooooh the aches and pains!

This could be your Lymphatic System protesting

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Your diets probably been average to say the least and movement ..Meh its cold outside.  

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But what is the Lymphatic system you ask? and how can I get it to work better? Well the lymphatic system has an important role in keeping you well, it works as the garbage collector of your body cleaning up accumulated wastes and toxins and fighting of invading diseases and other nasties. Consisting of the spleen, thymus, tonsils and a systems of nodes and vessels, which are strung like beads in a chain. These chains are found mainly under the arms, in the groin and down the legs. When in fine form they do a great job of cleaning all the waste left over from your cells hard days work. This waste is then removed by the bloods cleaning process which is through your elimination organs of bladder (wee) bowels (poo) lungs (breath) and skin (sweat). 

You know when u are sick and u have those swollen nodes in your neck, armpits or in your groin? That’s your lymphatic system working hard sending white blood cells to kill those nasty bugs. Another reason to show it some TLC.

If the lymph system is inefficient, you may also see fatty deposits or cellulite as it struggles with the fats in your diet. Aching joints can result when there is a backlog in the removal of  inflammatory fatty acids.

Emptying the lymph channels regularly is vital. When it begins to sllloooowwww down, and even reach stasis many chronic diseases can occur. A lymph node can get really large with a backlog of toxins and waste which means a lump, a tumour, cysts, even malignancy can happen really quickly… which isnt good. 

We live in a time of weird inorganic substances in our food, the “God knows what that is I just breathed in” from our environment,  the nasties of our convenient modern lifestyle like microwaving food in plastics (naughty naughty). In today’s world the Lymphatic System really has its work cut out…. no wonder it protests!

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Soooo if you have a rather sedentary job, then drive home in your car, to a take away or a microwaved cooked dinner. You pat the dog or high five the kids and give the partner a smooch before you either hit the lounge for some mind numbing tv or to google your way into oblivion behind your computer, then YES your lymphatics are probably not working the best.

The lymphatic system primarily relies on muscle movement to keep it going, unlike the blood which has the heart pumping it along WE have to pump the lymph along.

HOW DO I FIX THIS?? well the best treatment to get your sluggishness into sleekness is to move yes M.O.V.E.  Walk that dog, Play out doors with the kiddie winks, Join a sport, or simply commit to walking daily. Working up a sweat shows you that the lymphatics are activated.

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 Rebounding … or trampolining.. is a great lymphatic boost. Start the day with a bounce or use it to get you out of the mid afternoon slump.

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daily dry skin brushing stimulates the lymph and is great for skin regeneration.

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A high-fat diet promotes lymphatic stagnancy as all the fats digested have to be drained through the lymphatic vessels which means the more fat the “thicker” the lymph after meals.  

Avoid “chemical foods” that contain artificial preservatives, flavors, colors and stabilizers (which are most prepared, packaged and takeaway foods). The further away from the natural, whole fruit, vegetable, grain or bean that a food has moved, the more likely it is to clog your lymphatic system.

White foods like white flour and white sugars are never a bodies favourite and your lymphatics couldn’t agree more.

Foods high in essential fatty acids are really important to make sure every thing is working A1 in the lymph system. Add foods like flaxseeds or cold-pressed flax oil, fresh raw nuts and seeds avocados are fabulous and in season now (The fats in nuts do go rancid quite easily so make sure you purchase raw fresh nuts and store them in a cool place).

The enzymes and acids in raw fruit are powerful lymph cleansers, particularly when eaten on an empty stomach. So how about swapping your fried lunch option for a delicious green salad (full of lymph loving chlorophyll) squeeze on fresh lemons and mmmmmmm you lymph is loving you already.

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A visit to your friendly herbalist maybe of help icon wink Tired, Sluggish and a Tad Smelly? . They can make you a specific tonic for your unique bodies needs which may include the lymphatic herbs such as Echinacea, Burdock, Cleavers, Fenugreek

Traditional herbalist from several different cultures have all used fenugreek for centuries . It is a wonderful herb with many qualities particularly good for promoting lymphatic movement. 

Put a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds into a mug, poor on hot water and let steep for approximately 5 mins, strain and sip. You can add raw honey if you like for taste. Fenugreek can be used in cooking (most often found in curries and many Indian dishes). The seeds can be sprouted and added to salads to nourish the body and delight the taste buds.

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  • get moving
  • work up a sweat
  • brush your skin daily
  • have a bounce
  • eat clean
  • add in more green salads and raw foods
  • finish it off with a cup of fenugreek tea
You will soon notice more energy in your day and more bounce in your step allowing you to achieve exactly what you where put on this Earth for .
Bless You and Your Day!



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